More Features

More details below - note all features are present in BreedMate Pro, HerdKeeper, Hawkeye and Pedigree Explorer - except that the Pedigree Chart is only present in Pedigree Explorer.

  • Double clicking on a BMX file from Explorer will open it in PedX
  • When doing an Ctrl+R insert record, it now reports how many records were added
  • Forms menus will no longer show deleted forms!
  • User selectable generations (and other parameters) for text pedigrees to do 3 - 10 generations in one form. HTML pedigrees have settable generations, fore/back color and font size.
  • HTML pedigrees now shown as they appear in a browser! Note this requires that your PC have V4 of Internet Explorer or later installed.
  • Right click in grid brings up insert picture dialog
  • Fixed up repeat colours on forms - now pastels.
  • Paste pedigrees into emails - Changed Edit Copy in forms so that it copies a DIB rather than an EMF - which means picture pedigrees can be directly pasted into HTML emails.
  • New Edit-Copy command in HTML view can be used to paste HTML pedigrees into HTML format email.
  • New Field Chooser for arranging or hiding fields. Now has multiple Field Orders and allows fast switching between orders.
  • Breeding Planner allows you to compare two entries (or prospectives) in the one view. The view is similar to the inbreeding dialog in that it lists all the ancestors and shows their inbreeding (COI) and their relation to the subject (COR).
  • Improved Calendar/Reminder view allows for easy entry of reminders.
  • Autocomplete combobox for faster entry.

Field Chooser
In Grid view, click on the button. The chooser is pretty self explanatory. Select a field and then click on Hide to hide it and Move Up/Down to move it Up/Down in the field order (which in Grid view means left/right). A hidden field can be inserted anywhere using the Insert button.

The new Field Chooser in V5.4 allows multiple field orders to be created and edited and the Field Chooser button
shown above now has a drop down to allow fast selection of Field Orders.

Calendar / Reminder
To view calendar click on the View menu and select Calendar / Reminders.

The view appears as below:

To use simply click on a date, then click on the notepad and start typing.

Each reminder is given a unique color which can be changed. The Insert key can be used to start editing and the Escape will exit editing. When not editing the arrow keys can be used to move between dates.

Breeding Planner
To view the Breeding Planner select Breed Planner from the View menu. It appears as shown below:

It is basically the same as the Inbreeding dialog, except that there is two of them, side by side to allow easy comparison of ancestors and their relationship to the subject.

Typically the two subjects would be prospective matings and the view could be used to look for desirable or unwanted ancestors and how genetically related they would be. The mark and unmark commands also work in this view.

The view can also be used to view the same subject but with each set to a different number of generations for the COI calculation. Unlike the Inbreeding dialog, this view does allow the user to print.

This feature automatically completes your typing when entering data in linked fields. Along with the many other features in PedX (such as directly entering data into pedigrees) this makes PedX the fastest way to enter and check your data.

Multiline Tooltips

When floating over linked fields such as sire and dam, you can display a user definable tooltip as shown below.
The sample shows details on the entry "Collydale Ringo" such as sex, date of birth and its sire and dam.