Pedigree Publisher


Pedigree Publisher (PedPub) is a Windows application that reads a standard Breedmate .BMX file and allows data editing and display of pedigrees in standard Breedmate forms. PedPub as we call it is slightly a cut down version of Pedigree Explorer (PedX). We are doing a lot of development on PedPub at the moment so we have a production version and also a beta version. The beta version has the latest features but may have some bugs.

So how does PedPub fit in with our other products? Well Pedigree Explorer has been around for 20 years and its grown to be a very large and complex program. Rather than extending it in its current form we have decided to start from the beginning and develop a totally new program - Pedigree Publisher. It will eventually become the next version of Pedigree Explorer, but in the mean time its basically a much cheaper but highly capable pedigree program which actually has some features not in PedX.

There are a lot of similarities between PedPub and PedX. In particular they both implement the following: Table design, Data Doctor, Merge Manager, Field Chooser, PedPoint export, Pedigree Chart, Relations view (PedPub has it in Navigator), Bulk inbreeding calculation including automatic self-parenting correction.

The following is a complete list of the current differences - note this will possibly change very quickly as more features are added to PedPub.

Pedigree ExplorerPedigree Publisher
Operating System XP, Vista, 8, 8.1, 10 either 32 or 64bit XP, Vista, 8, 8.1, 10 only 64bit
Download size Small - about 3MB Medium - 5MB, but may have to also install .NET 4 which is 54MB
High resolution monitors (4K) PedX only works with 2K or lower Monitors PedPub can handle 2K and 4K monitors
Database Uses a proprietary database. Might be limited to about 1 million records. Does not have any SQL capability. Uses the industry standard database SQLite. Maximum number of records is 2 billion. Has full SQL and can be accessed and updated using third party tools. See here for details External data access
Case sensitive PedX is not case sensitive so it will match up a sire called FRED with a record named fred. PedPub is case sensitive. This means that there may be some pedigrees which will show in PedX but not in PedPub. This is however easily fixed by correcting whichever name, sire or dam has the incorrect casing then copy pasting to the other occurrences or just use SEARCH-Find Replace.
File formats Reads BMX, OPSG XML and MAX files. Writes BMX and MAX files. Reads BMX, OPSG XML, MAX and DB files. Writes MAX, OPSG XML and DB files.
Exclusive features Descendants chart, Breed Planner. Circular pedigrees, advanced 7G A4 (US Letter) and 8G A3 (Folio) pedigrees.
Foreign characters PedX has limited support for these. PedPub fully supports foreign character sets like European, Polish, Czech, Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc.
MARK: , Not a Match , Range
Create PDF pedigrees If you want PDF pedigrees then you have to install a PDF print driver and print to it. Directly generates PDF files. In particular it will generate a single PDF for the Pedigree Chart which can then be sent to printers for direct printing at large format sizes such as A0, A1, A2, A3 etc.
Circular pedigrees
Breed Planner
Descendants Chart
Inbreeding calculation on all records PedX can do this to a settable number of generations but it only outputs COI. PedPub can do this to a settable number of generations plus outputs number of ancestors, siblings, offspring, COI, AVK. Results can be saved to a CSV file.

Here is a quick screen shot of PedPub to show how similar it is to PedX. There is no Help file but there is a PDF User Manual. Many of the functions are similar. For example, to open a file use the File-Open menu. This will allow selection of Breedmate BMX files or .MAX files. To view a pedigree, select a record from the grid view then click the Pedigree drop button and select a form to display it on.


PedPub has the following main features:

  • Reads standard Breedmate .BMX files directly. Because PedPub data files are in SQLite format, it will convert any .BMX to a .DB file leaving the .BMX file unchanged. PedPub can edit the .DB files and write them out as .MAX files which can then be opened by Breedmate. Hence its possible to do all your data editing in PedPub and use Breedmate to perform any other functions not done by PedPub.
  • Pedigree chart, same pedigree forms as Breedmate, circular pedigrees
  • Fast bulk COI calculation
  • Individual report with COI, COR to ancestors, percent of Blood, siblings, ancestors
  • Ability to sort on any field
  • Ability to mark one or a range of entries
  • Report listing Percent of Blood for all  "marked" entries and their ancestors. Report format is CSV file with three columns: subject name, sex, DOB, sire, dam, COI, AVK, # of ancestors, siblings, offspring.

The major functions are described in the following sections.

Moving data between PedX and PedPub

PedPub can read your standard Breedmate .BMX file. When it does so it immediately creates and writes to a SQLite file with a .DB extension. The original .BMX file is never modified. When you make changes in PedPub they occur in the .DB file not the .BMX file. Normally when you work with PedPub all your work is saved in .DB files. If you need to save your changes so that PedX can read them then the only way to do it is use "TOOLS-Export to Breedmate" which will create a .MAX file. Next start PedX and use File-Open and open the .MAX file.

Fast bulk calculation of COI

 The following bulk COI related functions are provided:

  • Very fast and accurate calculation of Wrights inbreeding coefficient (COI) to user specified number of generations
    or for all generations
  • COI displayed to four digits
  • Calculates # of offspring, siblings and ancestors (within the specified gen limit)
  • Calculates AVK (defined as unique ancestors / expected ancestors, where expected ancestors is 2^(N+1) - 2) a higher AVK is better!
  • Copy and paste results or save as CSV
  • Messages tab lists any errors found in the data
  • Ignores all names starting with #, e.g. #unknown
  • progress bar 
  • Fully multi-threaded so user interface still functions during calculations and lengthy calculations can be stopped
  • Detects self-parenting and lists all parents in a loop for easy correction of these problems
  • optional import export separator
  • navigation bar to quickly go back or forward to individual reports that have already been run 


Individual Report

Use this to calculate the COI of a particular entry and the COR, Percent of Blood, Line Breeding etc for its ancestors. To do this first select the record then Click on the Report tab to see the individual report. An example is shown below. The ancestors are listed in order of minimum generation at which they appear.


Pedigree Chart

To view a Pedigree Chart for an individual record select the record first then click on the Pedigrees drop button and select PedChart..

Other features are:

  • Zoom in or out buttons on the toolbar - also zoom by holding down the control key and using the mouse wheel
  • Print, page setup and print preview functions - click the Print button drop down to get the last two
  • Right click on a node to clear all selections, select parents or immediate offspring or all
  • Click on any node to rerun the individual report for that node - all reports get updated - use the nav bar to go back 

An example chart is shown below:


Circular Pedigree

These can be done to 6, 7, 8 or 9 generations. You can customise what fields are displayed. Also, like the Pedigree Chart or in fact any form you print this to a single PDF form and then have it printed at a bureau on a large format printer - makes a great wall hanging.


Pedigree Form

Use this to view a normal pedigree form with 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 generations. A sample pedigree is shown below: