Importing from Excel

These instructions assume that the sire and dam are in plain text, i.e. the sire and dam are not numbers which index into the record numbers.

First open your Breedmate existing file or if starting fresh create a Breemate database by starting Breedmate, close any existing databases and use the FILE-Create database command. Next open your Excel file. The process is basically to make sure that the Excel columns line up with the Breedmate columns and in the case of date formats make sure they are the same. In the screenshot below we can see the Excel window over the Breedmate window. The Breedmate field order is Name, Sex, DOB, Sire, Dam, Reg No., Titles, Obedience, Colour, Gd, Owner, Breeder, Hip Score, Studbook No., Publshed Date, Imported, Microchip etc. The Excel field order is: Dog Name, Date Reg, Date of Birth, Sire, Dam, Reg No, Owner, Street Addres, City State, Zip, etc.

Note the Date of Birth field in Excel is year-month-day so first check your DOB field format in Breedmate by clicking on the green triangle button on the toolbar. If you click on the drop down button of the Format field for DOB you will then see something like the screen shot below.

Select the appropriate format then click on the green triangle button to return to the normal table view. Now in Excel you will need to delete the columns that are not used (note after these changes you should exit Excel without saving changes!), e.g. the following fields Date Reg., Street Addres, City State, Zip.

Next add fields which are in Breedmate but not in Excel. In this case note the "Sex" field does not exist in the Excel data so in this case we would in Excel right click on the "B" and select "Insert" and to make it easier to reconcile the Excel data with breedmate data we will put Sex in row 1. In the case of this data we also need to insert the following fake fields before the Owner field: Titles, Obedience, Colour, Gd.

Next move the fields around in Exccel by right clicking on the top of a column, e.g. "F" and select "Cut", then right click on the column your want to insert before and select Insert. In the case of our particular data no fields need to be moved.

After making all these changes the screen shot below shows the modified Excel file overlayed on the Breedmate window.

We are now ready to copy the Excel data into Breedmate. First select all the rows and only the columns you need. Use the short cut key combination of Ctrl-C to copy the Excel data to the clipboard. Next switch to Breedmate and use the EDIT-Insert Records menu command. This will load the clipboard contents into Breedmate. The result is shown below.