Getting started with Pedigree Explorer

Getting the latest installer

Go to and enter your reg # in the box as shown below:

After you succesfully login you can proceed immediately to the download page by clicking on the 'Proceed to download page' as shown in this screen shot.

The download page has links for other products and documents you can download but the main one is the link for Pedigree Explorer (PedX). Note its the same link for Breedmate Pro. The program will activate the extra features in PedX if your reg # is for PedX.

When you click the "Pedigree Explorer and Breedmate" link your browser will start downloading the installer. Some browsers may warn you that the "exe is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous". In the case of this download you should click the small down arrow to the right of the Discard button and select Keep then select the main button with "InstallPedX64.exe" to start installing.