The following is a complete list of the current differences between Pedigree Explorer and Pedigree Publisher - note this will possibly change very quickly as more features are added to PedPub. Note Hawkeye and HerdKeeper are respectively the horse and goat/sheep/cattle versions of BreedMate and they can be purchased with the Lite, Pro or PedX options..

Pedigree ExplorerPedigree Publisher
Operating System XP, Vista, 8, 8.1, 10 either 32 or 64bit XP, Vista, 8, 8.1, 10 only 64bit
Download size Small - about 3MB Medium - 5MB, but may have to also install .NET 4 which is 54MB
High resolution monitors (4K) PedX only works with 2K or lower Monitors PedPub can handle 2K and 4K monitors
Database Uses a proprietary database. Might be limited to about 1 million records. Does not have any SQL capability. Uses the industry standard database SQLite. Maximum number of records is 2 billion. Has full SQL and can be accessed and updated using third party tools. See here for details External data access
Case sensitive PedX is not case sensitive so it will match up a sire called FRED with a record named fred. PedPub is case sensitive. This means that there may be some pedigrees which will show in PedX but not in PedPub. This is however easily fixed by correcting whichever name, sire or dam has the incorrect casing then copy pasting to the other occurrences or just use SEARCH-Find Replace.
File formats Reads BMX, OPSG XML and MAX files. Writes BMX and MAX files. Reads BMX, OPSG XML, MAX and DB files. Writes MAX, OPSG XML and DB files.
Exclusive features Descendants chart, Breed Planner. Circular pedigrees, advanced 7G A4 (US Letter) and 8G A3 (Folio) pedigrees.
Foreign characters PedX has limited support for these. PedPub fully supports foreign character sets like European, Polish, Czech, Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc.
Create PDF pedigrees If you want PDF pedigrees then you have to install a PDF print driver and print to it. Directly generates PDF files. In particular it will generate a single PDF for the Pedigree Chart which can then be sent to printers for direct printing at large format sizes such as A0, A1, A2, A3 etc.
Circular pedigrees
Breed Planner
Descendants Chart
Inbreeding calculation on all records PedX can do this to a settable number of generations but it only outputs COI. PedPub can do this to a settable number of generations plus outputs number of ancestors, siblings, offspring, COI, AVK. Results can be saved to a CSV file.

Moving data between PedX and PedPub

PedPub can read your standard Breedmate .BMX file. When it does so it immediately creates and writes to a SQLite file with a .DB extension. The original .BMX file is never modified. When you make changes in PedPub they occur in the .DB file not the .BMX file. Normally when you work with PedPub all your work is saved in .DB files. If you need to save your changes so that PedX can read them then the only way to do it is use "TOOLS-Export to Breedmate" which will create a .MAX file. Next start PedX and use File-Open and open the .MAX file.