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Pedigree Explorer V6.0 US$80
Pedigree Publisher US$80
Pedigree Publisher Bulk Price (5 or more copies) US$60


Upgrade Pedigree Explorer US$20
Upgrade Pedigree Publisher. US$20
Crossgrade from Pedigree Explorer to Pedigree Publisher. US$30

Please note when you purchase an upgrade you are getting a full product that does not require the installation of any previous versions.


Optional two years of additional support and free upgrades (total three years).
(only available with purchase of upgrade or new product)
Add US$30

Note: All of the above products are internet download only. This should be sufficient for most users because we also supply the user manual in PDF format for free download (it can then be read online or printed out) and our standard support policy is that users can download free updates for 12 months from the date of purchase of an original copy or upgrade.

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