About us

Here we are in 2022, but way back in 1994 our company, Wild Systems, developed our first pedigree software Breedmate. We got started because we are also dog breeders, Border Collies actually, and we got involved in tracking hereditary diseases. One of the members on our committee came up with a seven generation hand drawn family tree... well, we thought a computer program could make that task a lot easier.

The first product was Breedmate Pro, then in 2007 we released Pedigree Explorer. Starting in 2014 we began parallel development of a new product, Pedigree Publisher, using a completely different and better technology. Early beta versions were released in 2015 and a full production version was released in 2016.

All of the products developed so far were desktop applications that stored their data on the PC's hard drive but we could see there was a need for groups of users to work on the same database at the same time so we began development of our latest product, Pedigree Cloud, in 2020. It connects to a MySQL database allowing a virtually unlimited number of users to share development of a database at the same time. The current 2022 version of Pedigree Cloud is the most powerful with unrivalled features like full user customisation of tables and forms.

As a further sign of our commitment to pedigree software we also started development, in 2005, of a free open source web pedigree program we call Pedigree Point. We are still releasing new versions of that software now in 2022 based on user requests. You can find out more and see a live demo at www.pedigreepoint.com.

In summary, our policy is to deliver the world's best pedigree software and provide great support to our users. We think we have done just that. Breed Mate is the only program that allows users to create their own tables, and fields and design their own forms. It comes standard with many pedigree certificates in varying styles - all of them designed using Breed Mate itself. There is no other pedigree program that delivers so much power and flexibility to the user.

User testimonials

Gillian Bartlett - www.teraustralis.com Breedmate is most accurate, as the program makes it hard to misspell the a dog's name by mistyping (it asks if you want to add a new entry when it is spelt differently, thus alerting you to a variation in the name). It can be used to plan litters by checking the inbreeding co-efficients, duplicated ancestors, colours of coats in the ancestors - so much information to be seen.

"It is a great program, and all and more than I anticipated."

"Thanks for your a wonderful program and your help."

". I do appreciate the friendly help you have given me, and I like Breed mate more and more."

"  I just love the flexibility of your programme"

"...a great program like breedmate can do everything and more that we want to do"

I use a great program purchased here in Australia called "Breed Mate Pro".
Is compatible to the systems you have quoted.   Their email address is 
support@breedmate.com  and their home page address is https://www.breedmate.com/
We have recommended them to others overseas and have received back only
positive feedback.  We have found their support fast and efficient."

"We are very impressed, it is such a powerful program. "

"We are just starting to use Breedmate, after transferring over the files
from [name deleted] and it is really great."

"Again thanks for the note and the really great software. "

"I have to say how wonderful this breed mate is, we have been able to import
large data from overseas and it's great to be able to do this and have so
many cats on file."

"However since I have had it I have had contact with people with
many other programmes and they all wish now that they had this one.   I
would have no hesitation in encouraging anyone to buy it.   I love it."

"Frankly, I like what you've done with your
program and would enjoy seeing it purchased and used more widely in North
America.  Thank you for the entrepreneurial spirit and hard work you've
invested in making it available to the fancy."

"By the way, I love the program. It is very easy to use."

"I've been 'playing' madly with it - you've really got to stop
putting out such a good product; it's just too much fun!!! "

Thanks for your response so quickly. I was trying to make it harder than it
is. So far I love the program. So easy to download and to enter in information.

I am a breeder of Labrador, I search for about 1 year a good software for my
kennel and I think I have got one: your Breed Mate 4.1.
He make everything I make with mine access program but very very fast
and it's more easy.

I absolutely love your product and use it more than any other program I have. I
would be lost without it. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product.

I have been looking at your program for a number of years but had so many
questions. I spoke with [name deleted] and she was able to clear up a lot.
Your program has improved greatly over the years. I am very excited about
getting into it.

thankyou this is much appreciated, nice to find a company that supports its
products as well as you folks do.

Just another to add to the numerous compliments you've received on your
program -- I love your program -- the initial look by others at the dog I
entered identified two of her ancestors on the sire side as probably CEA
carriers -- your program helped identify the dogs in the dam's line as
having descended from exactly the same dogs as the obviously inbred sire's
line opening up another set of probabilities.

I've always upgraded when the latest version has become available. I think your BM programme is superb!!
Thanking you in advance,

I've finally ordered the upgrade for your wonderful BreedMate program.
Thanks for all your help. I really love my older version and look forward
to all the improvements and bells and whistles on the newer version.

I hope this makes sense. Thanks for your a wonderful program and your help.
Just wanted to tell you that the program and manual arrived today, so I
shouldn't have to bother you any more. I do appreciate the friendly help
you have given me, and I like Breed mate more and more..

Have just started exploring the Breedmate program, after importing data
from [name deleted]. Thanks much for your import program. Breedmate seems to me
much more capable to do what I want from a breeder's point of view.