Breed Mate comes standard with a large number of pedigree styles - and of course with BM you can always create your own forms and edit existing forms to make them look the way you want, add
fields, change colours, font sizes etc.

A large number of pedigree formats are available. The picture at left is a 4 generation pedigree with a picture included.
You can include an unlimited number of pictures for each dog or cat. Click on any image below to get a full size picture.

ped-1.gif (74241 bytes)
Classic 5G Pedigree with picture
ped-2.gif (22878 bytes)
3G Boxed pedigree
ped-3.gif (60185 bytes)
4G unboxed
pedigree with watermark
ped-4.gif (33760 bytes)
4G boxed pedigree with breeder's logo
ped-5.gif (70304 bytes)
4G pedigree with watermark
ped-6.gif (36132 bytes)
4G pedigree in portrait style
ped-7.gif (14236 bytes)
4G unboxed pedigree
ped-8.gif (19841 bytes)
Two pedigrees on one page
ped-9.gif (20504 bytes)
Female tail showing 40 generations
ped-10.gif (25727 bytes)

7 generation family tree with photo