Super Grid

The Grid View was the very first feature we added to BreedMate way back in 1996. Since then we have added a huge number of features to make it the fastest and easiest way to view your data.

The grid view works for any of the data tables you have in your database (you select which table from the Database drop down menu) like Pedigree, Contacts, Shows, Litters, Vaccinations. You can sort and filter on any fields so you can do neat things like viewing entries in date order, showing only dogs belonging to a certain breeder or with specific genetic traits or colors.

You can have a virtually unlimited number of fields in any table. That's a lot of fields to view so now we have added customisable Field Orders.

This enables a user to create and edit multiple field orders and then quickly switch between them.

The Grid view also allows drag and drop between cells, selected row highlighting, drag select, scroll bar drag and lots more.