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Pedigree Cloud is our newest product. Its almost 99% identical to Pedigree Publisher. It opens all the same files and has all the functions of Pedigree Publisher but in addition it has the option to connect to a MySQL database server located on the internet.

The big advantage here is that you, or anyone else you want to share with, can work on the same database at the same time. This was not possible with Pedigree Publisher because the database was just a file located on the PC and not accessible to anyone else.

The MySQL database server that PedCloud connects to can also be connected to by Pedigree Point. PedPoint is software you install on your own web server and it allows for visitors to your web site to do searches and view pedigree reports. Because PedCloud and PedPub share the same database any changes you make from your PC are available immediately in PedPoint.

In summary if you need to access your data from anywhere at any time and you have your own MySQL database server (which is normally provided with most websites) then PedCloud may be for you. It is slightly more complicated to setup initially but we can assist with that.

There are no on-going fees for either PedPub or PedCloud except for an optional yearly support fee which entitles the user to free upgrades and technical support.