Technical Support

When you purchase any of our products or upgrades you're eligible for free technical support and free download of upgrades for a  period of one year. Note you now have the option of getting an extra two years  of free upgrades and support (total three years) if you select the option on your original order. The cost of the extended support is just US$30.

BreedMate has an extensive on-line help file and PDF user manual and we have a FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions) page which also provides some useful advise on a common range of questions.

Please don't limit your emails to just problems because we're also always open to suggestions for improvements to Breed Mate - in fact that’s one of the reasons Breed Mate is such a great product.

Getting started

If you are a first time users you may want to view our step by step tutorial here.

Download Software / Free Upgrades

If you have just purchased Breedmate or you are currently within your support period (minimum one year from purchase date) then you can login here (or the home page) to get any upgrades.

Simply enter the registration number you were supplied with, press the Login button and the appropriate download page will be displayed. Note every upgrade is a full installation and does not require any previous version to be installed.

Registration Number

If you get the message that your "Breedmate support has expired or an incorrect registration number was entered" then you should first check your registration number. If it is correct then your support has probably expired in which case you should purchase the applicable upgrade. If you get a different error message then you may have a problem with "cookies" - click here  for help with that issue. For further enquiries contact

Breed Mate Users Group

If you would like to be informed of new releases or if you just want to talk to other Breed Mate users then join our Breed Mate User's Group (BMUG) by clicking on the link below: