A quick way to introduce you to Pedigree Publisher is jump right in with a series of short videos.

  • Getting started. How to create a database, add and edit records, display in a pedigree form, changing DOB format, adding a sire or dam, entering a coat color and adding more choices the list of coat colors, marking records, showing marks on a pedigree form, showing champions in red, family tree, pedigree charts, zooming forms, relations view, Navigator.
  • Customising data. Changing the order in which fields are displayed in the Grid view; adding, editing, renaming fields and linking them to lookup tables; red wavy lines, drag and drop editing.
  • Genetics. Calculating inbreeding coefficients, AVK, relations, Navigator, trial matings, breed planner.
  • Editing, searching, text reports. Littermates, color fields, more drag n drop with cancel, copy paste, multi paste, enter a photo, watermark, logos, combining marks, mark commands, search commands, text reports, HTML reports.
  • Customising forms. Zoom, pan forms, records, fields, links, expressions, moving, resizing, element properties. Shows how to construct your own customised pedigree certificate.