Pedigree Point Integration

This page discusses how Pedigree Cloud integrates with Pedigree Point. For details on Pedigree Point click here. One of the advantages of Pedigree Cloud is that it can connect to the same MySQL database as Pedigree Point. This means there is no need to publish, which for a large database can be quiet a lengthy process, because even if you change just one record you wind up having to export the whole database again. Now with Pedigree Cloud that doesn't happen and ever y change you make appears immediately in Pedigree Point so when someone using your website does a search or runs a report they will see the change you just made.

To give you some feel of what that's like here are a few screenshots. First the normal grid view.

Let's say we have made a change and we want to view the pedigree like below.

At the same time, someone using your website might do a search and click on the same pedigree. If they did, it would appear like below.