Pedigree Cloud


Pedigree Cloud (PedCloud) is a Windows application that allows viewing and editing data stored in either a desktop database (same as Pedigree Publisher) or in a MySQL database server. PedCloud is a superset of PedPub, i.e. it does everything that PedPub does and more. We don't provide demos of our software but you can see a number of demo videos here: Demo Videos.

Here is a quick screen shot of PedCloud. To view a pedigree, select a record from the grid view then click the Pedigree drop button and select a form to display it on.


PedCloud has the following main features:

  • Like PedPub it can operate on a desktop SQLite .DB file. In addition it can connect to a MySQL database server. This allows a virtually unlimited number of users to connect to the same database at the same time.
  • Pedigree chart, circular pedigrees, 7 and 8 gen family trees. Watermarks, logos. All forms are fully user customisable.
  • All forms can be directly printed to PDF - see sample: SamplePedigree.pdf.
  • Users can add, delete, modify tables, fields so you can fully customise the data.
  • Users can add, delete, copy and modify any form.
  • Fast bulk COI calculation with either all generations or user specified generation limit.
  • Individual report with COI, COR to ancestors, percent of Blood, siblings, ancestors
  • Can connect to the same database as Pedigree Point so no need to publish updates. Any changes made in PedCloud appear instantly on the PedPoint website. More details here.
  • Advanced Data Doctor (TM) functions like self-parenting detection help you keep accurate data.
  • Import or export data in common formats like Excel and CSV.
  • Powerful back and restore functions mean you never lose your data.

The MAIN difference with Pedigree Publisher (PP) is that Pedigree Cloud (PC) is a superset of PP, i.e. it can do everything that PP can do and more. PP can only open a .DB desktop file on your own computer so there is no way of doing live sharing with another user. PC can also open .DB file but in ADDITION it can open one or MySQL database servers. You can allow other users in your group to also open the same MySQL databases and hence all the users in your group will see and edit the same data at the same time. The major functions are described in the following sections. The links are to the PedPub page because the functionality is the same.

Fast and stable - PedCloud easily handles large databases (opens 400,000 records in less than 2 sec), it is fully 64bit and ultra stable.

Export and import data is easy to other applications like Access, Word and Excel. Users can actually copy and paste data from Access or Excel and paste data directly into Excel.

Fully compatible - PedCloud runs on Windows7/Windows8/8.1/10 and requires nothing beyond what is required to run Windows. Note that while our products don't run on Macs we have customers that do succesfully run our software on a Mac by using a Windows emulator like Virtual PC.

Well documented - comes with an extensive PDF user manual in two parts.

Customisable forms - its easy to select what fields you want to appear in any generation of a pedigree form and to add watermarks or logos. Also every form is completely editable or you can create your own fully functioning forms from scratch.

Powerful and easy to use scripting - there is no limit to what you can analyse and report on and its easy to export your reports to Excel or other programs. See also the RIO scripting reference.

Wide choice of attractive pedigrees - in four or five generations - there's even a seven generation family tree. Champions can be shown in red text and you can include pictures (any size or location) on your pedigree.

Pedigree Chart - chart 100+ generations on one screen with ability to zoom in or out and modify every field of every record on that chart.

Text Pedigrees and other reports including reverse pedigrees, offspring, sire line, dam line.

Emailing Pedigrees - its easy to email graphic pedigrees, text pedigrees or HTML pedigrees and various other reports.

Data Doctor (tm) - one button click is all it takes to have your data problems listed and categorised then just click on the hyperlinks to go to the problem records.

Super Grid - the fastest way to look at or enter your data.

Show entries - keep a complete record of all your show entries and results and print show entries for CFA, AKC, Australia and NZ.

Inbreeding Coefficient (COI) - and Relationship Coefficient (COR) are accurately calculated using Wrights method - click here for more details. Also includes a bulk COI calculator.

Navigator - this popup dialog provides fast listing of ancestors, descendants, siblings, matching or similar strings and allows fast entry of sires, dams etc.

Navigator Relations - the popular Navigator now includes a "Relations" mode that shows a grouped listing of all immediate relations.

Directly Edit any Pedigree Form - this fantastic feature allows users to directly enter data on any ancestor in any pedigree form.

Relations View - in just one super view you can see sire, dam, full siblings, sire siblings, dam siblings and offspring grouped into litters according to DOB. This one feature is probably the most popular with our line chasers.

Merge Manager - this feature allows you to compare your database with another database, record by record and field by field it shows all the differences and allows you to selectively merge. This is a great feature for people collaborating or sharing databases.

Advanced data checking features - PedX has commands that help you maintain accurate data.